Mojo Green

Heavy Horn Funk and Soul

Mojo Green - Heavy Horn Funk and Soul

Mojo Green, a seven piece outfit from Reno, Nv, is quickly becoming known as one of the premier funk and soul bands on the west coast.

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Funk in Public Voted Best Local Album and Album of the Year of 2013 and 2014
— Reno News and Review - Best of Northern Nevada
“How would you like your mojo, if you could have it made to order? Scrambled, over-easy, maybe poached … what about green? Just as green eggs don’t sound strange in the imaginary world of Dr. Seuss—in the musical world of local outfit Mojo Green, that’s also the unconventional color of choice, used to describe the band’s inherent instrumental sexiness.”
— Funk in Public Album Review: Laura Davis Reno News and Review
“Mojo Green plays a style of throwback dance music that is irresistibly funky and very sexy.”
— Oliver X - Reno Tahoe Tonight -
“Dirty dance funk with dynamite vocals,driving rhythms and SMOKIN horns!”
— Spencer Rouse - Chico Enterprise Record -
“The band is an Afro-Funk band at it’s core but what makes it so unique is the infusion that it employs as it transforms easily from a horn heavy funk ensemble into a jammed out version of Herbie Hancock meeting Phish circa 1997.”
— Sam Martin - Grateful Music and Phish News -
“People hear jam band and think of the Grateful Dead, Phish, Widespread, etc.. I can tell you that Mojo Green is none of these and all of these. Encompassing the jam band spirit, the band takes it into a new direction making the sound all their own.”
— Jimmie Blanchard - Phish and -
“Pocket grooves tighter than Inca ruins. Crackling horns and an Afro Beat inflected fusion of jazz, jam & funk, with melodic guitar interplay and wicked leads, makes the Mojo Green a monster festival act in the making.”
— Oliver X - Reno Tahoe Tonight -